Charitable Giving


September 16, 2023
September.16.2023 - We at OneV Capital aspire to invest not only in business ventures, but in the future of humanity through valuable innovation and research. In celebration of the year that is coming to an end and in the spirit of this season of giving, the OneV Circle of Hope has pledged a 5 year donation commitment to the Hoag Family Cancer Institute.

The Hoag Family Cancer Institute aims to provide the world-class cancer care that every patient deserves without having to leave the community to get it. This means direct access to advanced therapies based on the newest cancer science, multispecialty teams of expert and highly-sought after oncology physicians who work together to develop personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique genetics, community outreach programs that prioritize early detection and cancer prevention, and a robust research and clinical trial program.

"We recently met with Dr. Burton Eisenberg and are proud to stand in unity with him and the team he is building at Hoag Family Cancer Institute. It was astounding to hear about the leaps they have made in cancer research and treatment so far, and encouraging to know that they continue to actively make progress. From offering the most advanced immunotherapy clinical trial currently available for the treatment of pancreatic cancer to recruiting some of the top names in cancer research, we can be sure that our support will go a long way.” said Brian Nguyen, Managing Principal.

The community’s generosity and donor support have pushed the Hoag Family Cancer Institute to the forefront of cancer research and they are considered a leader and innovator in cancer care. OneV Circle of Hope is honored to be a part of this legacy and hope to continue to support the Hoag Family Cancer Institute in making sure that no patient ever feels lost or alone.